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Unit 1A
present simple and continuous, action and non-action verbs
food and restaurants
/ʊ/ and /u:/, understanding phonetics
Unit 1B
past tenses: simple, continuous, perfect
/ɔ:/ and /ɜ:/
Unit 1C
future forms: going to, present continuous, will / shall
family, personality, each other of reflexive pronouns?
prefixes and suffixes
Practical English

Describing a person

Revise & Check
What do you remember? What can you do?

Unit 2A
present perfect and past simple
money, phrasal verbs
saying numbers
Unit 2B
present perfect continuous
strong adjectives: exhausted, amazed, etc.
sentence stress, strong adjectives
Unit 2C
comparatives and superlatives
transport and travel, how long + take
stress in compound nouns
Practical English
In the office

Telling a story. Connecting word or phrase (after, although, because, but, in the end, so, when)
Revise & Check
What do you remember? What can you do?

Unit 3A
must, have to, should (obligation)
mobile phones
sentence stress
Unit 3B
must, may, might, can't (deduction)
describing people, look or look like?
-eigh, -aigh, and -igh
Unit 3C
can, could, be able to (ability and possibility)
-ed / -ing adjectives, so
sentence stress
Practical English
Renting a flat

An informal letter

Revise & Check
What do you remember? What can you do?

Unit 4A
first conditional and future time clauses + when, until, etc
/ʌ/ or /ju:/ ?
Unit 4B
second conditional
sentence stress
Unit 4C
usually and used to
friendship / get
/s/ or /z/ ?
Practical English
A visit from a pop star

Describing a house or flat

Revise & Check
What can you do? Pink Floyd song

Unit 5A
noun formation
-ough and -augh
Unit 5B
articles: a / an, the, no article
verbs and adjectives + prepositions,
connectors: whereas, however, according to,
on the one hand, on the other hand, also
sentence stress, the /θ/ or /ð/
Unit 5C
gerunds and infinitives
word stress
Practical English


Revise & Check

Unit 6A
reported speech: statements, questions, and commands
consonant sounds:
/g/, /dʒ/, /k/, /ʃ/, /tʃ/
Unit 6B
passive: be + past participle
sentence stress
Unit 6C
relative clauses: defining and non-defining
what people do
word stress
Practical English
Unit 6Practical English


Revise & Check
Revise and Check

Unit 7A
third conditional
making adjectives and adverbs: "what" or "which"?
sentence stress
Unit 7B
question tags, indirect questions
compound nouns
intonation in question tags
Unit 7C
phrasal verbs
television, phrasal verbs
revison of sounds, linking
Practical English
Breaking news


Revise & Check


School calendar

Exam Instructions
Review the most important instructions you should know to do your exams.


Listening Practice
Listen to different stories while you read.
Radio Vaughan
Listen to a radio programme where you can learn and improve your English.
TV Vaughan
Listen and watch a TV programme where you can learn and improve your English.
Enjoy Videos!
Watch different videos to improve your listening skills.


Reading Comprehension
Practise your readking skill working with different texts.


Work on your pronunciation.
Speaking-Describ. Picture
Practise your speaking skill to get the best results in the first part of your oral exam.
Speaking-Role Plays
Practise your speaking skill to get the best results in the second part of your oral exam.


Writing Essays
Practise your writing skill to get the best results in the writing exam.