Basic Vocabulary: 2 dimension / 3 dimension picture

Ask yourself questions about a picture: This activity might be very easy for you but it can be a good way for you to try to phocus on three or four different aspects of each picture and give you some ideas to start talking about them. Try to make yourself the questions and then try to answer them. Click on this link: Ask Questions about these Pictures

Answer to these questions:

Try to practise describing these pictures at home. If you feel that you don't know what to say, follow the hints I give you. Time yourself and check if you are able to last no less than 3 minutes and no more than 4.

Pic 1:
· Do you ever eat "unhealthy" food? How do you feel about it?
· What do you usually eat?
· Are you trying to cut down on anything at the moment?
· Are people's diets in your country getting better or worse?
· Do people often eat in restaurants or at home?
Pic taken from: http://www.igd.com/index.asp?id=1&fid=1&sid=4&tid=46&cid=109

Pic 2:
· What do you think about junk food?
· Do women worry more about their diet than men?
· Do young people today eat less healthily than ten years ago?
· Would a vegeterian eat this? Why?
· Do you think that vegetarians are healthier than people who eat meat?
· Can you eat better in cheap reastaurants than in expensive ones? Why?
· Do you think that your country thinks that its cooking is the best?
Pic taken from: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2005/01/22/fast-food-part-three.aspx

Pic 3:
· Who are playing? / What happened in the picture? / What happened after this?
· In which sports are there most cases of cheating? How do people cheat in sports? Why?
· What do you think about this? Do you agree with this kind on behaviour between players? Why? Would you do it?
Pic taken from: http://www.elcorreo.com/vizcaya/20120119/deportes/mas-deporte/pepe-vuelve-liar-pisa-201201190046.html

Pic 4:
· Try to say what family members they are.
· What are they doing? / Describe their physical appearance and personality.
· Do you think that they get on well? / Would they like to go on holiday together? / How would the holiday be?
· What do they do? (jobs) / What do you think are they hobbies and interests?
· Do they represent a typical British family? Spanish? American? What differences do you think are there between the three countries?
· If you compare this family with one who lived 50 years ago, what would you say are their differences?
Pic taken from: http://telediscreta.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/finales-de-temporada-modern-family/

Pic 5:
· What is he doing? Describe what you see. / Why did he go to a cash machine?
· Is he taken the money out safely taking on the mobile phone? / How should he behave in front of a cash machine?
· Have you taken money out of a cash machine recently?
· Have you ever been robbed when you were using a cash machine?
· Have you ever lost your credit card?
· Have you used a credit card recently? What did you buy?
Pic taken from: http://www.elmundo.es/mundodinero/2010/05/07/economia/1273232782.html

Pic 6:
· Have you ever won any money? (e.g. in a lottery)
· Have you ever lent money to someone who didn't pay you back? Do you know what did they need it for?
· Have you borrowed money from someone in your family? What did you need it for?
· Have you ever wasted money on something you've never used? / Why did you buy it?
· Do you think that all jobs are equally important?
· Do you think that most people don't like their jobs?
· Do you think that people judge you according to how much you earn?
Pick taken from: http://www.consumer.es/web/es/economia_domestica/sociedad-y-consumo/2005/06/02/142588.php

Pic 7:
· If you could spend a year working or studying in another country, would you go to Japan? / Why?
· If you have to go (like it or not), what would you like to do there?
· What problems do you think you might have?
· Would you try to learn the language of the country? Why?
· Would you invite your family or friend to visit you? What would you do there?
· Would you have the courage to live here forever? Why?
Pick taken from: http://thewinterclover.blogspot.com/2010/07/seccion-cultura-japonesa-que-no-hacer.html

Pic 8:
· When was the last time you travelled? Where did you go?
· What way of transport did you use?
· What way of transport do you usually prefer to use? Why? / Do you usually eat while you are travelling?
· How long did your journey take?
· Did you have a good journey?
· How much did it cost?
· Is there any other way of transport to get there? Would it be cheapper? Would it take you longer? Would it be more comfortable?
· Why did you travel that time? What did you do when you got there? How long did you stay?
Pic taken from: http://delightfullearning.blogspot.com/2011/06/glorious-flight-five-in-row.html

Pic 9:
· Are the roads safe in your country?
· Do you have any bad experience driving on the road? / Do you know anyone who have?
· Do you do dangerous things while you are driving? (making a call on your mobile, listening to music, eating or drinking, picking up a CD, talking to other passengers)
· What do you think people shouldn't do while they are driving? Why?
· Do you think that the Spanish law should be more severe with drivers?
· What do you think about the way people drive in the city where you live? / Is it safe? / Would you improve anything? What and how?
overtake = adelantar / rear = trasero / tailgate = pegarse al vehículo de delante / focused = concentrado
Pic taken from: http://buybacklesswinterdresses.com/tag/road-safety/

Pic 10:
· What kind of public transport is there in your city?
· What time is the rush hour?
· Are there often traffic jams?
· What's the speed limit?
· Are there speed cameras?
· Are there any cycle lanes? Do many people use them?
· Are there any pedestrian areas? Where?
· Are there enough car parks? Are they expensive?
· What happens if you park somewhere illegal?
· Do people usually wear their seat belt in the back of the car?
· Do motorcyclists and cyclists wear helmets?
· Are big lorries allowed to drive through the centre?
Pic taken from: http://www.foro-ciudad.com/ceuta/ceuta/fotos/51260-mi-ceuta.html

4B Houses - PowerPoint

Aquí tienes ejemplos de personas haciendo un examen oral. NO es igual que el que tú harás en clase, pero tal vez puedas coger alguna idea. Recuerda en todo caso que al ser un examen comenten algunos errores: